In 1988, the UN General Assembly’s resolution affirmed that “the responsibility for containing, reducing and eliminating global environmental damage…must be in relation to the damage caused, and must be in accordance with (the country’s) respective capabilities and responsibilities”.

Who are the free riders?

Any plan proposed to solve the problem of burden sharing in reducing…

Not too shabby there (youngsters of) India!

The paper is titled “We Made History: Citizens of 35 Countries Overestimate Their Nation’s Role in World History”

“Social psychology research indicates that narcissistic individuals receive short-term benefits in negotiations, but at the cost of a loss of trust with their negotiating partner”

I’m a fan of the idea that it is the assumptions that Americans made that resulted in a Trump, and the surfacing of someone like a Trump is probably a good thing. Anand Giridharadas discusses this in this video.

Trump is not an outlier, but a continuation of the…

Some of the discussion around this amendment introducing 10% reservation for ‘economically weaker sections’ has devolved into income etc, which is not part of the bill. We are not discussing a legislation that provides for an actual provision yet.

I simply question where this bill chose to insert this clause. This is not acceptable to me.

“any special provision for the advancement of any economically weaker

sections of citizens other than the classes mentioned in clauses (4) and (5)”

It clarifies what the intentions of this government are. I am not against reservation for ‘economically weaker sections’, but to amend Article 15 in this way is exclusionary. It shows the cynicism with which the upper caste elite in this country continue to view reservations.

Karthik G S

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